Lindy Shea Anderson, was born May 2, 1989

Born 2 minutes after her twin brother, Lane. The number 2 was her number of choice all her life. She always put others before herself. She was a selfless person and everyone else’s needs were the most important thing to her. She suffered pain early on in childhood and it continued until her death on December 6, 2013. She had a multitude of “off the wall” illnesses.

Doctors could never figure out her pain and the pain eventually turned into mental pain. She tried many different doctors and no one ever seemed to help but she always kept on smiling. She kept a smile on her face and always said, “I’m OK!” We wish as parents we could have changed things but nothing ever seemed to help. Her chronic pain became too much on an icy night.

She was supposed to have come home that night but the icy roads kept her alone in a hotel room. She talked to everyone that night with no indication of anything wrong. Sometime after midnight and morning something switched in her mind and she chose to leave us forever. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t miss her and love her dearly.

Mom and Dad


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