Soulfully Rooted Battlecry

Our lives are touched each and every day by people who can and do hide their pain under a stoic facade. They do this because they feel ashamed and lost, as if there is no outlet for their pain.

Over the course of my life, I have personally experienced those feelings in people very close to me.

That is why I’ve started Soulfullyrooted – as an avenue to bring this feeling of helplessness to light and allow those afflicted to find a support group that is completely non-judgemental and fully aware of the emotional needs of not only the individual affected, but also the parents and grandparents who suffer alongside.

The disease of suicide is hidden and shunned in cultures all over the world, but it needs a battle cry to bring it to the forefront much the same as cancer, AIDS and other predominantly physical ailments.

From a mental health standpoint, it’s a mindset that often leads to an end result that should never be – a mindset often exacerbated by drugs that incorrectly try to medicate the problem away. Instead, a foundation built of strong roots, person by person, is needed.

No miracle cure is available, but something must be done to protect those who will be affected by this at some point in their lives.

This is our mantra – our battle cry.

One soul. One root at a time. Every life matters.

Please join us in the fight to bring these mental health issues to light so they can be dealt with in a positive manner with positive results.

McKina Michael